Making a Difference Makes a Difference

The following are experiences enjoyed by those who have volunteered for Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada.

pic 28“I love teaching the kids Junior Achievement. At first I thought this might be hard and a lot of work with balancing work and home, but it is not at all. The material you receive is really awesome and the lesson plans walk you right through teaching the JA class. You can adapt it to your style and have fun with it too. The kids get so excited when they see you come into their class and my 2nd grade students are such little sponges. For me teaching JA is so fun and rewarding. As a JA teacher I feel like I am making a difference. It is all about the kids! “
– Shelley Goldbach – Wells Fargo

“Having three kids, I really wanted to give as much as I could to kids in the community and JA was the perfect choice to do so. At first, I thought oh no, this is going to take a lot of time and preparation, however once you see the kit provided by JA, you will see how thorough and easy it is to follow. Everything is laid out for you day by day and after the five classes you actually feel cheated because it goes so fast yet you still want it to continue. What a delight the material is and what a delight the kids are! They hang onto your every word and can’t wait for you to come back. The kids truly enjoyed the class, remembered what you taught them on the lessons before, and were very interactive and had fun with the material and activities they had to complete. The JA lessons were very similar to what they were learning in their classrooms so it was an easy flow for the kids and best of all, don’t be surprised if you get lots of hugs from the kids. It was and continues to be a very fun and rewarding experience.”
– Vanessa Fellows – Wells Fargo


“With the fast paced world we live in today, how do our communities’ young people keep up? How are they prepared to not only obtain employment, but understand and excel in today business markets? With Junior Achievement, I know that I am shaping the minds of tomorrow – Today. Through Junior Achievement I have the utmost satisfaction knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of many children, with each class that I teach. And the children are not the only ones who benefit; the teachers, the school, and yes even me. We all gain from the experience! The best part, how many times during your work day do you enter someone’s office and feel they are not happy to see you? With Junior Achievement, I can guarantee that will not happen, when you enter your assigned classroom, the level of exuberance is unbelievable! The kids absolutely love visitors and can’t wait for you to arrive. They are excited to participate and learn. I truly enjoy volunteering for Junior Achievement, their programs are sound, easy to follow, and easy to teach. For over seven years I have made a difference in the lives of hundreds and hundreds of students around the Las Vegas Valley. I would encourage anyone to participate, it is the best volunteer experience I have ever had or felt. ”
– Kimberly Lukasiak – Southwest Gas

 “I have been a volunteer for Junior Achievement since 2004. It is a rewarding experience! I was first introduced to the program through my previous employer. My current employer does not participate in Junior Achievement, but I continue to volunteer (on my day off). That’s how much I love it! My favorite grade is Kindergarten. I have taught for the same teacher several times. What makes volunteering for JA so gratifying is how responsive the kids are to me. I love seeing their eyes light up and smile when I walk into the room. Their hugs are the best too! The education Junior Achievement offers is invaluable and a great tool; which emphasizes the core curriculum. I feel blessed for the opportunity to make a difference.”
– Di Lan Borders – Community Volunteer

“As a business professional we are always in need of good employees who have a basic understanding of business. Most of us also volunteer our time and money to various non-profit and charitable organizations as a way to give back. Junior Achievement is one such organization where we can satisfy both of these. By volunteering for Junior Achievement we are ensuring that the next generation will understand the basics of business and will become more valuable employees for us. It also satisfies that internal need to give back. Junior Achievement provides all the information and resources to teach these kids valuable “life lessons”. Using our own experience enables us to put a “spin” on the information making it more personal. It is always very enjoyable spending time with these kids who are hungry to have you in their classroom and learn something new and different. Sometimes I feel guilty that I am getting more out of the experience than the kids.”
– Joe Pellissier – NV Energy

 “Volunteering with Junior Achievement has been one of the greatest and purest joys of my life! Junior Achievement gives me the tools I need in order to teach practical knowledge and skills to America’s youth. I cannot imagine a greater feeling than knowing that you are having a positive impact within your own community. I genuinely feel like a welcomed role-model every time I step into the next classroom. But most of all; the look on their faces, coupled with the enthusiastic gasps at a new project, truly makes it all worth it.”
– Daniel Palmer – Community Volunteer

“Thanks to Junior Achievement, I’ve been able to give back to my hometown community. Portraying to the students that someone from their neighborhood can achieve success using key points taught in the JA curriculum. This positive experience is invaluable, for both volunteers and students.”
– Melissa Fernandez – NV Energy

 “Junior Achievement provides a chance to have such a rewarding experience with the future of our country. I thoroughly enjoy my time in the Southern Nevada schools and Junior Achievement is the organization that puts me there. I feel as though I am a true member of my community when I am able to give back in such a meaningful way. I also enjoy telling my story to the local students, as it was not too long ago I was one of them. The excitement on their faces is recognition enough to keep me involved for years to come. I am thankful to Junior Achievement for this amazing opportunity.”
– Donna Haberman – Nevada State Bank

 “I have found working with Junior Achievement extremely rewarding for both me and the students. I teach 3rd graders and we learn about different zones and the businesses that fall into those zones. The training content is awesome and the students really respond to the materials. They get so excited about learning and I get excited with them. Graduation day is always sad because I am sad to leave the students and they are sad to see me go, as well. I’m grateful for this opportunity and that my company, Cox Communications participates with such a worthwhile organization like Junior Achievement.”
– Millie Thomas – Cox Communications

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