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Student Safety Policy for Staff and Volunteers

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada

Responsibilities of staff and volunteers

All adults who work with students have a responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare. The public, employers, parents and the community have the right to expect professionals working with students to behave to a certain standard, and to always maintain protection and the safety of students. When individuals accept a role that involves working with students and young people, they need to understand and acknowledge the responsibilities and trust inherent in that role, and act accordingly.

No guidance or Code of Conduct can provide a complete checklist of what is, or is not appropriate behavior for adults in all circumstances. There may be occasions and circumstances in which adults have to make decisions or take action in the best interests of the student(s) or young person which could contravene this guidance or where no guidance exists. Individuals are expected to make judgements about their behavior in order to secure the best interests and welfare of the student(s) in their charge. Such judgements should always be recorded and shared to a member of the senior management team of JASN and with the parent or teacher. In undertaking these actions individuals will be seen to be acting reasonably.

Compliance with Requirements

  • Always act, and be seen to act, in the student(s)’s best interest
  • Never remain in a classroom without teacher supervision unless you have obtained a CCSD background clearance
  • Avoid any conduct which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and behavior
  • Cannot use your position to intimidate, bully, humiliate, threaten, coerce, or undermine a student(s)
  • Cannot use your status and standing in the community to form or promote relationships which are of a sexual nature, or in which they may become so.
  • You cannot share any information you may gain about a student outside JASN and ensure a measure of privacy is established where others could overhear.

Organizational Standards

  • JASN will foster a culture of openness and support
  • JASN will ensure that systems are in place (whistleblower policy, incident reports) for concerns to be raised
  • Ensure that there is in place a recording systems which confirms discussions, decisions, and outcomes of any actions taken
  • Ensure staff/volunteers are not placed in situations which render them particularly vulnerable
  • Ensure all staff/volunteers are aware of expectations, policies and procedures
  • JASN will report to outside agencies (police) if the occurrence is severe in nature and could result in prosecution (sexual abuse, physical or mental abuse)

Power and Positions of Trust

A relationship between staff/volunteers and students is NOT a relationship between equals. There is potential for exploitation and harm of vulnerable young people. Adults therefore have a responsibility to ensure that an unequal balance of power is not used for personal advantage or gratification.

Adults should always maintain appropriate professional boundaries and avoid behavior which might be misinterpreted by others. They should report and record any incident with this potential and report it immediately to JASN senior management.

Positive Role Models

When you are in contact with any student you should understand and be made aware that safe practice also involves using judgement and integrity about behaviors in places other than a work setting. Opinions about politics, religion, or personal choices in relationships may NOT be discussed.

A strict adherence to a dress code must be maintained; though JASN understands the right of personal choice and self-expression; it is imperative that we dress to our audience. Therefore, the guideline used is, no short dresses or skirts (no more than 1 inch above knee) cleavage cannot be showing, midriffs or any skin showing other than calves and arms, no shorts, leather pants, or muscle shirts.

Dress business casual and not likely viewed as offensive, revealing, or sexually provocative. Your clothes should not distract, cause embarrassment or give rise to misunderstanding – absent of any contentious slogans or offensive pictures.

Confidential Information

“Confidential information” refers to information that is not available to the public (or that someone would normally expect to be non-public). For example, confidential information includes:

Staff/Volunteers must use reasonable care to protect the confidentiality of all confidential information of JASN and any student they come into contact with, and must not disclose confidential information of JASN/Students to unauthorized persons, even subsequent to their leaving of their affiliation with JASN. This means Staff/Volunteers should:

  • be prudent and aware of where, when, and how JASN and student matters are discussed;
  • not leave confidential information unattended or in public view;
  • not access confidential information unless the information is required in order to conduct JASN affairs; or teaching
  • not disclose confidential information to other personnel of JASN or outside sources unless the need to know for legitimate reasons related to JASN/students;
  • not remove confidential information from JASN’s premises or make copies of any material containing confidential information, except as required to conduct JASN business;
  • protect JASN confidential information when stored on computers by the use of passwords and encryption, and by careful guardianship of electronic equipment;
  • never use or disclose any JASN confidential information or student information for personal gain or profit, or to the advantage of any “related person” to an Associate (as that term is defined in JASN’s conflict of interest policy); and
  • Contact the President before disclosing JASN’s confidential information to a third party.

Staff/Volunteers should contact the President prior to requesting, accepting, using, or disclosing confidential information from a third party. Acquiring confidential information, without adequate legal safeguards, can be improper and could expose JASN to legal liability. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to enter into a written agreement with a third party before obtaining confidential information. If such information is acquired, an Associate should contact the President to discuss steps that can or should be taken to protect its confidentiality.

Reporting Ethical Violations

If an accusation of misconduct towards a student is received by the student, peer, parent, and/or school, the person being accused whether staff or volunteer will be suspended for all student contact until a formal investigation is completed.

An incident report must be filled out-type written and given to the President of the organization for investigation. All parties will be interviewed. Depending on the situation of any accusation(s)-may be reported to police for further action.

All staff will self-report any situations that occurred that in hindsight might be viewed as inappropriate in writing on an incident report.


All Associates is entrusted with safeguarding and promoting JASN’s mission through ethical and principled leadership and action. Undoubtedly, there will be times when situations will involve subtleties and complexities that lead to difficult choices. When in doubt, each person should consider whether the actions and decisions contemplated would withstand objective scrutiny. If there is any doubt, it will often be helpful to seek guidance and advice from upper management. If you are uncertain about a contemplated course of action or have questions about this policy, he or she should raise the issue with either the President or Board Chair.

JASN seeks to involve people who believe that honest and ethical behavior is the only way to conduct and sustain a charitable and educational organization such as JASN. Any person who violates this Code, or other policies and ethical standards of JASN, will be subject to prosecution, corrective action, including possible dismissal. It is JASN’s sincere hope, however, that each person’s personal commitment to integrity and ethical behavior will result in compliance with this policy.