Many of you know that I run, I run a lot. This year I’ve set my sights on my greatest challenge yet! I honestly don’t know if I can do it, but on February 15-16 I have registered to attempt to run 100 miles. Yep, 100 miles all  by myself all at the same time, no relays here folks, this is a one-shot deal race. I have 48 hours to get the job done and although I’m trying my best to train my body, the only thing that is going to give me a chance of getting through those 100 miles is my mind.

Please consider sponsoring my miles in any amount that you can, so I know that every mile I run I earn more money for these students. If you sponsor $1 and I make the 100 miles, you donate $100. Any sponsorship in any amount is greatly appreciated! It would be so great to know each mile brought great value and hopefully it will give me the will to finish when my body has decided it doesn’t want to go on.

Your support and generosity in this endeavor is so greatly appreciated! If you’re local, feel free to come down and cheer me on! I’ll be out at Cornerstone Park in Henderson on February 15 and 16 at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival.

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