girl-at-deskConnect and Inspire Students

Did you know that for a commitment of just a few hours, your students can get an up-close look at careers and see the relevance of what is being taught in school? Job Shadow experiences can happen year round either as a class project, individual self-selected experience, or through group shadow opportunities.

Job shadowing immerses students in the world of work. A Job Shadow learns firsthand about job skills and careers. When students enter the workplace to see real jobs in action and talk with individuals about their careers, the world of work starts to make sense. It becomes real and tangible.

Job shadowing benefits everyone.

Benefits to All

  • Students observe firsthand the new technologies being used on the job.
  • Students see the current application of what they are learning.
  • Students experience the workplace and can plan for future education to reach their career goals.
  • Showcase students to the local community.
  • Job shadow hosts orient the next generation of workers to the world of work.

What does it take?

To find out about how to get more involved, email, or call 702-888-0512.