We Get You Up and Running – Fast!

JA in a Day is a one-day presentation of Junior Achievement’s programs. Through the JA in a Day program format it allows Junior Achievement to reach every child in every grade level a whole school at a time.

During a JA in a Day event volunteers are placed in each of the school’s classrooms and teach the entire JA curriculum in an exciting one-day event! This offers volunteers a great opportunity to get involved with Junior Achievement without juggling schedule conflicts or long-term commitments. A company is able to adopt several classrooms in the same school thus allowing them to bring their experiences to hundreds of students in one location. JA in Day provides a great team-building experience and a chance for volunteers to give back to their community. With hundreds of students experiencing JA programs at the same time, it’s a chance to make an impact in an exciting and energetic environment. For companies and their team it’s also a great opportunity for publicity and a chance to work on team-building skills.

JA in a Day is well received by both volunteers and the schools. Volunteers enjoy the vast amount of energy that flows from the process, while the schools benefit from their entire student body learning economics through Junior Achievement programs. For more information about JA in a Day, please contact For more information, please contact Shanice Stevens at 702-214-0504 or Shanice.Stevens@ja.org.

Currently, JA in a Day is offered only to elementary school classrooms.