Help Young People Better Understand Finance and Government

With the pervasive news coverage of America’s financial turmoil, our children may have questions about what is going on in our economy. Many adults have a difficult time understanding – much less explaining in an age-appropriate way to a child – what is going on in our government and in our financial markets.

In addition to our usual classroom curriculum, JA is providing resources to help explain just how we ended up in the current economic situation we find ourselves in. We are taking a lead in educating young people about the crisis by providing them with timely information that will help them understand the present crisis and, more importantly, how a similar crisis may be averted in the future.

Two versions of a study titled, Understanding the Financial Crisis: Origin and Impact have been commissioned by JA Worldwide to provide students and volunteers/educators with a better perspective of the evolution of the present crisis, its impact on the economy, and lessons learned. Read each version here:

Understanding the Financial Crisis: Origin and Impact – for Volunteers and Educators – (PDF)
Understanding the Financial Crisis: Origin and Impact – for Students – (PDF)

Plans are underway to provide additional papers focusing on financial literacy topics. In the meantime, we hope these papers will provide you with additional tools you can use to reach young people with relevant financial literacy information.

Please feel free to provide us with your feedback regarding these papers, and to share any other ideas you have about resources we can provide to assist you in teaching Southern Nevada youth the importance of financial literacy.