JA Inspire Virtual – A Career Exploration Fair Presented by Las Vegas Valley Water District and

Co-Sponsor Nevada Broadcasters Association

Start: Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Available to students until August 3rd,2021
Where: Virtual
Time: 8:00 AM PST

What is JA Inspire Virtual?

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada will host a  virtual event starting on Tuesday, May 4th to all Nevada students. Once a school or educator has signed up for their class or school to participate, JA will provide you with optional pre-work for your students that includes a career assessment and activities to get them thinking about what they might like to do after high school.

Businesses, within many of the 16 career clusters, will have virtual booths with career and company information, videos, pamphlets, and more. All developed by the business, just like an in-person career fair. Students have the opportunity to visit as many booths as they would like. They may visit businesses within their career cluster chosen through the assessment, or they may visit others that seem interesting to them.

The students’ swag bag allows them to collect information from the booths and access it at a later date. Even better, they have access to the entire career fair for 90 days after the event start date, allowing them to share information with teachers and others at home.

Webinars are available in the virtual auditorium throughout the day. Looking for interviewing information, resume, or soft skills tips? Our business partners share information and tips to all students who visit the auditorium. Our keynote speaker, The Raiders, Alec Ingold will also conduct a webinar. Games to motivate and entice students to visit more booths and webinars are available.

JA Inspire can be completed while in school or while students work remotely. It’s up to you. There is no chatting or live speakers, so it is a completely safe environment for all.

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